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The Lights-Out Game

What are your plans for celebrating the New Year's Eve, especially the rain doesn't seem to stop? Why not playing a game which potentially can be smarter? 🤩 
Let me introduce ✨ the modern lights-out game!✨
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Web Development Resources

When I jumped into the web development pathway a couple of years ago, I entirely felt overwhelmed. You are likely driving on the road that seems never to the end. The learning curve pretty much depends on what the role you want to be or which point you would like to stand up. But to be honest, it has become an incredible journey in my life. I won't be listing all the skills here as there is a bunch of articles you can find them out on the internet. If you have questions, leave comments below I am happy to help.

My booklist in July

I guess it's unusual to see a new article here, the thing is, I got a mail from google analytics, and the report showed me how many readers passed by last month. Meanwhile, I've just enumerated some books I want to read from a thread on Quora that I think it's very interesting; as a result, they're reasons why this post comes up.


It has been a while since last time I logged in here, interestingly, it still works. We probably should thank Google, considering how many companies have disappeared as well as Google services have gone away during the period. 





This post is scheduled to appears for 31 Dec.

One of the kept secret beaches in Taiwan